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"You Can Receive Up To $11,392.25 ...
or More From a Mailing Of Only 500!"

Dear Friend (if not now - soon!),

If you're searching for a fast, easy and simple method to receive multiple streams of money, this is for you! I've discovered the best way for you to make money for yourself, but not by yourself. Now you can enjoy ever-increasing wealth thanks to the efforts of others who also are seeking more money.

For more than 30 years, yours truly, Russ von Hoelscher, has made it my business and vocation to research, discover and/or create powerful, proven, profitable money-making systems. The results have often been extremely lucrative for my customers and myself.

Now, I'm ready, willing, and anxious to help you make the kind of money you desire and deserve. The new Partners For Profit Mailing System can rapidly increase your income, with lots of help from others who make money for you at the same time they make money for themselves. That's what our new "Partners For Profit" (PFP) is all about. A system that creates big profits for everyone!

After hundreds of hours of research, tweaking, and testing, I have created what may be the fastest and easiest way to stay home and get paid thousands of dollars ... over and over and over again.

Introducing the 3-Step Automated Wealth Generator ...

– PLUS –

I've combined the outstanding value of our powerful PLATINUM PROFIT PROGRAM with the cash-generating power of the PARTNERS FOR PROFIT MAILING SYSTEM. This dynamic duo can bring you multiple streams of MONEY! I've also chopped my income down to less than $140 to keep the overall cost for you to jump on this profit bandwagon to less than $300.

Before I reveal the exciting details, permit me to give you a thumbnail
sketch on who is behind this new wealth-generator ...
The following info is not to brag about myself. I just want you to know that this comes
from a money-making marketing professional, and not some untested "wanna-be" ...

I'm the author of over 50 books and manuals. Titles include: Stay Home and Make Money; A Treasury of Business Opportunities; How to Achieve Total Success; Making Money for Yourself; How to Make a Fortune Selling Information — with a total of three million copies in print.

I have also created blockbuster programs that have resulted in millions of dollars in sales ... The Profit Ideas Book Distributorship ... How to Make a Fortune with 900 Numbers ... The $2,500.00 weekend ... The Self Publishing Success Program ... The Real Estate Wealth-Building Course ... The New "Free Advertising Program", and many others.

I write copy that sells! I've written hundreds of powerful sales letters for my clients and myself. Many million copies of them have been mailed.

My result-getting ads have appeared in hundreds of magazines. Everywhere from Parade (the national Sunday newspaper magazine) to the Wall Street Journal, and from National Enquirer to Money-Making Opportunities magazine.

OK, enough about me. What's in it for you?

The new PARTNERS FOR PROFIT PLATINUM PROGRAM is designed to give you maximum profits in a minimum amount of time, and with a relatively small investment.

Recently, the hottest direct response trend has been multiple pay-out mailing programs. I have discovered the best way to capitalize on them and avoid all the mistakes most of these programs are making. More on that shortly ... First you'll see why mailing programs are so popular with so many people ...

Many opportunity seekers have not been successful in regular mail order. Ad costs are now very high, and you only get paid for sales you make. Several of these profit-seekers have turned to the worldwide Internet, hoping to cash in big.

Although the creation of the Internet is one of the watershed events of our lifetime, the success rate of Internet dealers is dismal. Yes, there have been wildly successful Internet sellers, but that's the exception not the rule. Most earn little or nothing, and that's the sad truth.

Disappointed with regular mail order, and unable to enjoy web-wealth, many have joined one or more multi-level (MLM) opportunities. Soon these good folks often find it's not easy to sell vitamins, glop-in-a-jar, exotic fruit juices, or all the other over-priced, over-hyped products. MLM usually requires face-to-face selling. YUK! That's something most folks hate to do!

It's easy to see why so many people have turned to multiple pay-out mailing programs. They offer the remote-control money-making advantage of mail order, and the main advantage of MLM ... making money from the efforts of other people.

Here are the two major reasons why I firmly believe that the new PFP PLATINUM PROFIT PROGRAM is the very best, most exciting, and potentially most profitable of all the multiple pay-out mailing programs ...

  1. THE COMPENSATION PLAN. To cash-in big with a mailing program you must be able to enjoy rich rewards from a relatively few initial sales. With my program, it's possible to receive many thousands of dollars with only 5 sales. Think about that ... only 5 initial sales can bring you multiple streams of income. I also refuse to engage in the outlandish response-hype so many are guilty of. We use a modest 1.0% response projection in our potential earning charts.
  2. THE MAIL PROGRAM MUST MEET LEGAL GUIDELINES. This includes products or information representing real value at a fair market price. The buyer must also have the option to purchase without being required to participate in the compensation plan. No guarantees can be made in a projection of earnings chart, and everyone must understand that money received is subject to income tax.

    Our program meets these legal guidelines. Most of the other mail programs do not. Many mailing or "gifting programs" offer little or nothing of true value. Some offer a mailing list, but a list that is used to simply keep the program going is NOT something of intrinsic value. Likewise, most of the mail programs out there do not offer the option of making a purchase without participation in the compensation plan. A huge mistake.

    We rigidly follow the expert counsel of one of the nation's best marketing attorneys.

Now, let me tell you about the real value that we offer ...


A Reg. $803.00 Value — Yours For Only $298.85 (Over 60% OFF!)

Here's what you receive ...

  1. Russ von Hoelscher's highly acclaimed "FREE ADVERTISING EXTREMELY LOW-COST MARKETING" master course. Discover: How to get free advertising from a single sheet of paper ... How to exchange "information articles" (even if you don't write a single word) for free ad space in 100s of magazines ... The 3 easy steps to receiving free advertising in newspapers, manuals, and directories ... How to get up to a million dollars worth of free advertising in print publications and on the worldwide Internet ... How to let joint venture partners pay your printing and mailing costs ... How to get free advertising on radio and TV ... plus much, much more!

    The regular cost of this remarkable free advertising course: $495.
  2. A two-year subscription to Russ von Hoelscher's DIRECT RESPONSE PROFIT REPORT. This cutting-edge newsletter gives the latest and very best money-making opportunities. You also learn how to make maximum profits with minimum out-of-pocket expense.

    The regular cost of this two-year subscription: $110.
  3. ANOTHER BIG-MONEY BIG-SAVINGS BLOCKBUSTER. A two-year subscription to the PLATINUM PROFITS BIG DISCOUNT REPORT. Now, you'll save money (up to 80% off) on scads of great money-making programs, books, and audio tapes. You'll save money on advertising in publications, or on the Internet. You'll be able to get anything you ever wanted printed at a huge savings from the best mail order printers. You'll be able to get ads, flyers, sales letters, etc. ... expertly written and designed for you at big discounts, plus much, much more.

    The regular cost of a two-year subscription: $198.


Here's where it gets exciting ... and profitable! Now we can combine the value of the Platinum Profit Program with our unique 3-level multiple-payout PFP mailing system. Best of all, big profits start with a simple initial mailing of only 500.

Look at the outstanding profit potential with just a 1% response thru 3 levels ...

LEVEL #1: You start in the 1st position. A 500 mailing that receives just a 1.0% response will give you 5 orders at $29.95 each. Money to You: $149.75

LEVEL #2: You now are moved to the 2nd position. Your 5 new "partners" each mail 500. A total of 2,500 mailed. With only a 1.0% response, you will receive 25 orders at $49.95 each. Money to You: $1,248.75

LEVEL #3: You now are on the all important 3rd level. Here's where your profits can explode! When 25 partners mail 500 each, 12,500 are mailed. With a 1.0% response, you will receive 125 orders at $79.95 each. Money to You: $9,993.75

You have now completed the 3 mailing cycles.
TOTAL MONEY TO YOU: $11,392.25!

The results in this chart require just a 1.0% response throughout the 3 complete mailing cycles. Best of all, with this response, you can receive $11,392.25 from just one 500 mailing. Now keep in mind, results could be more or less. No specific amount can be guaranteed, but:


The income figures prove what is possible with just a one percent response thru 3 mail cycles. That's only one order per one hundred mailed. Many other mailing programs base their projection chart on a pumped-up response rate of up to five percent or more. I believe this is nothing but pure hype. Don't be "honey-fuggled" by the unrealistic claims of the clueless or the charlatans!

By now you can see the unlimited money-making potential of this very unique, very powerful mailing program. With this best ever mail program you will be making money for yourself, but not by yourself.

Sincerely yours,

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P.S. You'll never know how much money you can make unless you take positive action NOW!

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