Answers To Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What about mailing lists?
A. The mailing list used is very important to the success of this program. If you have your own list of opportunity seekers, or have a relationship with a good list broker, use your list or the your broker's list. If not, we can provide a list of people who want to make money. Details included in your package from us.
Q. Must I do the mailing, or can it be done for me?
A. Yes, you can choose to mail, or we can do the mailing for you. You will pay a little extra, beyond printing and postage fees, if we mail for you. Information will be included in the big shipment package we will rush to you.
Q. What happens when someone buys the Platinum Profit Program without the PFP mailing option?
A. First of all, the good news ... our tests indicate almost everyone will take the PFP option with the Platinum Profit program. However, you still will be paid when someone purchases the Platinum Profit Program without also checking the "Double Yes" option to become a mailing partner. Also, only mailing partners go into the 3-cycle mailing system.
Q. Can I do more than a 500 piece mailing?
A. Absolutely! There are no restrictions on how many you mail, or have mailed for you. Our suggestion is you start with just a 500 mailing, hopefully make up to $11,392.25, or more, and then increase mailings to 1,000 or larger, going after ever-increasing profits. The more in the mail the more likely your profits will soar! Keep in mind that once you come into this program, there is no restriction or no added cost to mail all you want.
Q. What makes up the complete mail piece?
A. A 4-page letter (text of the home page plus this page), the order form, and two envelopes - the outside envelope, and a return envelope (addressed to Publishers Media). It all goes in the mail for one first-class stamp. We will include ready-to-print copies of all the above with the package we send you. If you chose to do your own printing and mailing, you can use a local printer or a Staples®, or Office Depot® in your area to do the printing for you. We can also print for you.
Q. Some mailing programs require payment only by money-orders, why do you accept money-orders, checks, and credit cards orders?
A. By giving people more ways to pay, more people respond. We mail all checks, money-orders (and checks from Publishers Media that come from credit card orders) to partners on a weekly basis.
Q. What about someone who responds with bad checks?
A. We have been receiving checks in the mail for many different programs, for many, many years. Yes, we have received checks that were bad, but the bad ones are less than 1 out of every 100. Our tests prove that you reduce your response by up to 25% by not accepting checks. It's far more profitable to accept checks than not to. Obviously, a bad check writer is never allowed into the program.
Q. Can I use my own name or do I need a company name?
A. It really doesn't matter. If you have a company name, you can use it, but your own name will do just as well. Just be sure you can deposit and cash checks and money-orders with the name you give us, since we will imprint it on the order form in the "Mailing Partners" box.
Q. Do I have to pay taxes on all the money I receive?
A. I think you know the answer to this question. Although we use terms like "Partners For Profit" (PFP) and "mailing partners" to describe this program, you are an independent dealer. Uncle Sam requires that you report all income, but that's between you and your tax preparer.

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